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KKM Architects began its creative path in early 1980, specialising in residential development across West London. Our conviction resides in the belief that a high quality service combined with an in-depth knowledge of our work and our clients provides high performing architectural innovation.

Today the senior design team has been together for over 15 years and our expertise has expanded through a broad range of commissions to include commercial space, residential care homes, sports complexes, municipal & community buildings, whilst retaining our residential development at its heart. Our projects, although primarily in Central London, can be found throughout Southern England.

High quality service & in-depth knowledge originating high performing architectural innovation


Our team is united and motivated by architectural innovation, combining extensive research into development sites with practical skills and a broad knowledge base. Design focus is on contemporary forms underpinned by strong consideration for building usage, sound environmentally sustainable building principles, an informed use of materials and intelligent, robust detailing.

Focus on contemporary forms underpinned by strong consideration for building principles


KKM Architects have a highly skilled design team with an in depth understanding of local, national and emerging planning policy. This knowledge and experience enables an implicit understanding of the development potential for sites from the outset and informs tangible feasibility studies for ambitious projects.

We spend a great deal of consultation time with our clients at the beginning and often develop the Project Brief and establish the consultant design team as a standard part of our service.

Our design process is inclusive, involving clients, planners, developers, consultants, engineers, market experts, the local community, councillors, specialist consultants, suppliers and contractors. This produces high performance, high value solutions with fewer variations and faster consenting times.

We believe a high quality project is delivered through good service, detailed drawings and specifications, facilitated through profound understanding between, and open integration within, the project team. We work with clients and specialist partners in a fully collaborative way to deliver these qualities.

High performance, high value solutions with fewer variations & faster consenting times


KKM Architects work at the forefront of sustainable construction, developing Code Level 5+ buildings when Code was in its infancy and delivering fully certified PassivHaus accommodation when it was new to the UK. Environmentally conscious design is integral to our work and a cohesive sustainable strategy is a central component to every project. Sustainability encompasses good urban design, efficient transport connectivity, careful selection of materials and construction methods, energy efficiency and considered management of resources.

Our experience of sustainable design through the projects in which we have been involved has resulted in specialised in-house skills, including certified PassivHaus designers. This enables us to consider sustainable design from the outset, allowing the implementation of a cohesive sustainability strategy for each project, providing greater certainty and economic control.

We are always actively engaged in looking for new and innovative sustainable technologies. Through the delivery of a number of cutting edge sustainable buildings, we have developed a strong understanding of cost-effective sustainability measures and the implications of incorporating these principles into our projects.

Through skilled and thoughtful design, our aim is to develop buildings and master planning proposals for our clients that minimise pollution and carbon emissions, with the ultimate aim of achieving carbon neutral development.

Environmentally conscious design is integral to our work with a cohesive sustainable strategy from the outset providing greater certainty and economic control


Working beyond boundaries, we take a holistic approach to the urban environment, whether developing an independent proposal or the masterplan for wider communities we understand the contribution buildings can make to public space surrounding them.

A measure of our success is in our ability to make connections between people and places, movement and urban form, nature and the built fabric in pursuit of more functional, attractive and sustainable urban areas. We bring a skilled understanding of the local environment, urban economic viability and social theory, which enables us to develop designs that optimise land use whilst enlivening the streetscapes, increasing security, strengthening communities and place making.

Through constant assessment of the design approach, scoping of facilities and relationships to existing built infrastructure we assist in the creation of communities for the future.

Making connections between people and places, nature and the built fabric, movement and urban form.


We have extensive experience of development within, and adjoining, conservation areas, ‘greenbelt’ land, Metropolitan Open Land, Strategic Industrial Locations, as well as with Listed and Heritage buildings.

Rather than demolishing and replacing existing infrastructure, we believe that contemporary design theory and modern technology can be used to enable us to consider the potential to strengthen, restore and modify buildings to extend their working life. To achieve this an implicit understanding of the existing building is essential to enable sensitive and appropriate strategies for adaptive reuse.

Conservation Areas, Metropolitan Open Land, Strategic Industrial Land, Greenbelt, as well as listed & heritage buildings