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Cricketfield Road, West Drayton


New build development & extensive refurbishment to provide 4 commercial units and 8 bespoke apartments

Located in the green belt and at the edge of the West Drayton Conservation Area, the redevelopment of the Anglers Retreat Public House and integral hectare of open land required an exceptional design and planning approach.

Very Special Circumstances were achieved through high quality, low energy redevelopment, which achieved 14 new-build fully accredited PassivHaus residential units for affordable rental on site.

Occupied by a small two storey pub building that had been allowed to sprawl and fall into dilapidation, the original state the site did not embody many of the aspects that characterise greenbelt, particularly that of openness.

To sanction redevelopment on greenbelt land, the current condition of the site and the provision of new affordable housing was not grounds enough upon which to base a planning submission. The proposal of a Low Energy Building was therefore pursued to strengthen and enhance the application.

Working with a combination of new affordable housing, low energy performance and the refurbishment of the existing Public House, which is locally listed, the application drew support from the Local Authority, the GLA, and Local Councillors and permission was eventually granted. In addition to the 14 PassivHaus units, two Code Level 4 flats located within the existing public house building were also included with the permission.

The PassivHaus Approach

At the time of the application, Local Authority’s relied on BREEAM Code for Sustainable Homes to determine a building’s sustainable credentials. In deliberately seeking not to pursue Code, KKM Architects made a strong case at planning, illustrating that the redevelopment of Anglers Retreat not only meets, but far out performs, the requirements of Code.

Low maintenance and durability are key qualities of PassivHaus design and are therefore directly suited to low cost housing. However the perceived complexities of the building systems for final users make RSL’s wary of low energy housing. KKM Architects and the design team for Anglers Retreat demonstrated that elaborate control over function is not necessary and worked hard to simplify the use of the building for residents.

The proposals reflect the appearance of the refurbished Anglers Retreat Pub building, extending the existing vernacular and contributing a quality to the adjacent conservation area.

In seeking to achieve very low-energy use, the design quality has not been compromised. The integration of PassivHaus has enhanced the aesthetic producing a scheme of architectural character that sits very well within its context.

Harmony between the building and the landscaping enrich the greenbelt location, with natural materials integrated into the facades and single pitched green roofs visually extending the landscape and re-establishing the site’s ‘natural’ qualities, to mutual benefit of both.