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Stoke Road, Slough


An extensive feasibility strategy for a residentially-led community redevelopment providing a new sports stadium, club house, sports academy, all weather multi games area, running track, football pitches and 88 new-build houses

Aimed towards stimulating the full scale regeneration of Arbour Vale, the masterplan was a multifaceted, community focused strategy generated by bringing together Paradigm Housing with Slough Council, Slough Town FC, St. Joseph’s High School & the general community. Ultimately, this blueprint acted as the catalyst for a more educationally focused redevelopment at Arbour Vale, with the residential accommodation making way for a new academy.

Community Facilities

Developed around the principle of a community sports stadium, the essence of the main building is in its flexibility. Catering for the implicit demands of a local football team – Home/Away changing facilities, reception, bar, toilets etc – the main building also operates as a facility for St. Joseph’s School during the day and a community facility in the evenings, providing flexible municipal space. Two additional wings, primarily designed as a dance school and sports academy, combine the same level of flexibility, enabling overnight accommodation on site and large internal sports hall.

Infrastructure & Landscaping

Public open space, transport and pedestrian flow, security and safety were infused into the masterplan. Balancing the use of the site for both the public and the new community, particularly on intensive match days was paramount to the layout, organisation and landscaping of the development. KKM’s approach focused on both the structures and the spaces in between, providing a holistic landscaping strategy that could manage and withstand the stress of busy periods, but also provide a peaceful and attractive environment for conventional day-to-day life.


Arranged around quiet residential cul-de-sacs and closes, the layout aimed to initiate micro-communities, promoting security through a sense of ownership and pride. The configuration of these residential zones, located in such close proximity to a prominent communal facility, required skilful masterplanning to ensure residents peace and security.

Features & Detail

Our approach to a community focused development aimed to integrate the buildings into their surroundings, engendering repetitive themes to create a prevailing character. The primary aesthetics for the main structures extend beyond their confines, identifying fences, turnstiles, gates, lighting etc with a familiar design style.