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New-build scheme providing 13 flats and maisonettes set around a central courtyard

Located on the edge of a large area of Metropolitan Open Land (MOL) the development acts as a mediator between this and the urban infrastructure along Horsenden Lane to the east.

MOL is subject to specific planning principles and development in such close proximity required a carefully measured approach.

Shepherds Bush Housing Association

London Borough of Ealing

Units and density:
13no. residential homes, 289 hrh

100% Social Rent

RIBA Stages 1-5

KKM Architects’ concept was to divide accommodation into two blocks, allowing an undeveloped green space for parking at the centre, which retained unrestricted views from the MOL across the site.

Opening out the centre allows the two blocks on either side to be set much closer to the boundary with the MOL than would be usually be acceptable, intensifying development at both ends of the site.

The intention was not to create a landmark building, or point of reference within the Borough, but to provide a high quality development which maximises the land available, sits comfortably within its existing surroundings, whilst extending and complimenting the local vernacular.

The Local Planning Authority were very receptive to this approach, allowing a significant reduction in the required provision of communal amenity space, as it was demonstrated that this could be provided by the MOL. Additional accommodation within the roof space of the buildings was also felt to be appropriate, with private balconies again facing the MOL and allowing a density uncommon to sites adjoining land of this designation.

Through subtle design, use of natural materials, careful boundary treatment and a robust strategy to pruning or encouraging foliage in the existing tree line, the new buildings establish a relationship with the MOL that is of benefit to both.