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The Oval, Tower Hamlets


Mixed-use renewal for 116 new-build apartments & 570m2 commercial/retail space

At the vanguard of a proposed extensive urban redevelopment concentrated around the Oval, the proposal occupies an unparalleled location reflected in its sculptural aesthetic. Maximising the site’s full potential, the extensive flexible commercial floor space opens out onto the canal and into the Oval. Car parking is set beneath a large communal podium at 1st floor, which contributes to the sweeping areas of private balcony space stretching across the facades.

Composed around a solid oval cylinder, the horizontal framework of glazed and blind panel balconies appear to hang from the central element, stretching out to form the main facades. These are anchored by smaller solid elements of colour at the extremes of the elevations, balancing the ephemeral aesthetic.

A vivid play of colour and shadow strengthen the visual depth of the overall composition with the large-scale openings enabling future residents to be part of the canal side society whilst also enjoying privacy within their own homes.

Rich colouring set within a formal expression find a delicate balance, not only integrating the proposal into its surrounding environment, but also enriching it.

Aitch Group

London Borough of Tower Hamlets

Units & density:
570m2 of commercial floor space & 116no. residential homes – 1,525 hrh

Mix of social rental; intermediate; & market sale

RIBA Stages 1-3