Latin Corner Public House

Sensitive Residential Redevelopment


273 Camden Road, London N7


Mixed tenure residential development 


Origin Housing



 Overcoming previous limitations, the successful redevelopment of a 273 Camden Road strategically addresses environmental constraints and historical considerations, maximising potential to offer a diversity of housing options that ensure economic viability for the client and long-term affordability for residents. 

Located on a site with significant local interest and appeals for the listing of the Latin Corner Pub, recent redevelopment proposals had already been subject refusal at committee and at appeal. Coming on the back of this, our appointment reimagined the brief, breathing new life project and successfully delivering approval for the Clients aspirational level of accommodation. Central to this was developing a successful argument against the listing the existing building to the satisfaction of Camden Council’s Design & Conservation Officer. 

Located at the junction of Camden Road & Dalmeny Avenue the design aesthetic was conceived through an extensive study of the local vernacular with the ambition of re-integrating the site into the existing & emerging streetscape with a contemporary interpretation of established design principles. The simple composition of consistently sized windows set within rectangular proportioned masonry façades is as accentuated through subtly articulated recessed brick detailing.