Our Studio

We are motivated by the creation of places and spaces that enrich all our lives.

About Us

We are motivated by the creation of places and spaces that enrich all our lives. Founded in 1980 by Kuldip Malhotra, we’re a multi-skilled and innovative team providing architecture and urban design from concept to completion.

Specialising in residential urban redevelopment our experience extends across multiple sectors designing and delivering innovative commercial space, care homes, sports complexes, municipal & community buildings.

Highly flexible and responsive, our in-depth knowledge of the professional field and our clients’ needs allows us to provide a high-quality and tailored service, engendering confidence and trust in performance and innovation.   

No (Design) Code

Our design process is unencumbered by a style or manifesto. Every new project is approached with impartiality enabling a bespoke response to the unique qualities and demands of the site. Celebrating the culture, customs and heritage of their setting, our project design is richly detailed and diverse in character, reinforcing a sense of identity and place.

These qualities are informed by our extensive expertise of 2D & 3D volumetric/modular construction, use of SIPS and CLT frames, PassivHaus, Zero Carbon and a strong consideration for building usage. We create desirable places to live and work that are delivered on time and within budget. 

Diversity & Inclusivity

Our ethos is focused on inclusivity with a policy for ensuring equal access to opportunities and resources. Ours is a workplace of collaboration and respect where everyone is engaged. This spirit of inclusivity presides across all projects with clients and consultants engaged as co-creators and partners in the process.

Social Value is a cohesive bond threading through our design work. We measure innovation in both social benefit and aesthetic accomplishment, prioritising the needs of people and families, integrating our education, skill & experience with their aspirations.

Environmental Commitment

As architects we have an obligation to leave a resilient legacy. Environmentally conscious design is integral to our work and a cohesive sustainable strategy is a central component within every project. This approach not only encompasses environmental conditions, but integrates social and economic factors, targeting the eradication of fuel poverty and achieving to zero carbon.

With an in-house PassivHaus designer, we have the tools to develop designs that not only curtail emissions but sequester carbon during construction and minimise the energy required for future day-to-day functioning.  

Urban Design

Working beyond boundaries, we take a holistic approach to the urban environment, making connections between people and places, movement and urban form, nature, and the built fabric in pursuit of more functional, attractive, and sustainable urban areas.

We bring a skilled understanding of the local environment, urban economic viability, and social theory. This enables us to develop designs that optimise land use, enlivening streetscapes, increasing security, strengthening, and connecting communities.

Through constant assessment of the design approach, scoping of facilities and relationships to existing built infrastructure we constantly aim to make a positive contribution towards the creation of communities for the future.

Social Initiatives

Whilst we are foremost an architectural practice KKM encapsulate a varied skill set which enables a greater and more meaningful connection with local community. With collaborators from other industries, we can establish the right level and type of engagement. Through initiatives as diverse as musical workshops, health and well-being activities to more conventional actions such as cleaning waterways we can communicate and contribute to the local community at an in-depth level.


Our staff believe in their abilities and reflect our ethos of collaboration, inclusivity, and diversity. Great communication skills, excellent design skills and CAD experience is essential at all levels and knowledge of Vectorworks is advantageous.  

Our diverse, challenging, and exciting studio atmosphere offers opportunities for individual growth or career progression, and we are always on the lookout for talented people who share our values – please see the opportunities listed below.

KKM Architects is an equal opportunities employer, and we are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion and welcome applications from all members of the community.