We are recognised for our creative ability and the unique qualities that we bring to each project through the creation of conceptually rich design at multiple scales. 

Architecture & Design

We believe that outstanding design is intrinsically linked with a high standard of customer service resulting in clients, stakeholders and residents that enjoy the process and are delighted with the outcome. We are recognised for our creative ability and the unique qualities that we bring to each project through the creation of conceptually rich design at multiple scales. We have delivered projects across London, with extensive experience in residential work, as well as mixed-use, office design, care homes, and sports facilities.

Sustainability is at the heart of all our projects and is a fundamental driver of innovative and imaginative design. We employ a fabric first criterion combined with sustainable technology to attain forward-looking approaches to urbanism and architecture.  We are equally experienced in preservation and restoration, with an in-depth knowledge of working with listed buildings, bringing these skills to bare on retention and refurbishment to achieve significant reductions in carbon emissions.

Urban Design & Master Planning

We have a skilled understanding of the urban environment and are equally comfortable initiating small infill sites as we are creating new functional, attractive, and sustainable urban areas. Successful urban regeneration makes a fundamental difference, and we constantly aim to make a positive contribution towards the creation of sustainable communities for the future.

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Design Champion

Ensuring the primary design concept is retained through to completion is critical to achieving exceptionally high standards. We recognise the challenges our clients face in maintaining design quality through the transition from planning to detailed design, particularly when confronting the possibilities of a full change in the design team. We have been developing strategies routed in continuous project involvement to ensure client design control and the mitigation of destructive value-engineering.

With an innate understanding of the planning/design process, working client-side post-contract, our guidance and collaboration with the contractor’s design team is not only proven to retain residual and aesthetic quality, but can do so economically, enabling savings within the evolution of the detailing and without adding to the contract sum.

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Enhanced Design Consultancy

Beyond our own architectural design, we have expertise in auditing approved designs, evaluating compliance, resolving inefficient structural design, and offering solutions for enhanced cost efficiencies for other projects within our client’s portfolios. From adding value through to comprehensive design alterations for buildability, we have extensive experience in the appraisal and realisation of partially or fully developed schemes which do not meet the required standards.

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Community Action

Meaningful community engagement is central to our design and decision-making process. Whilst we are foremost an architectural practice KKM encapsulate a varied skill set which enables a greater and more meaningful connection with local community. With collaborators from other industries, we can establish the right level and type of engagement. From initiatives as diverse as musical workshops, health, and well-being activities through to more conventional actions such as cleaning waterways and sustainable education we can communicate and contribute to the local community at an in-depth level.

Similarly, we have been involved in working with mental health in local hospices and participating in local actions. We find that by not solely adhering traditional development focused methods to connect with the community we can achieve a more enriching and deeper understanding of the local residents and their aspirations.

Following these methods of engagement, we can approach the design with an enriched understanding and knowledge of the community. We believe the process, as well as being accessible, respectful, and transparent, needs to be joyful, creative, and fun.

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