Lampton Road

Mixed Affordable Housing


12-32 Lampton Road, Hounslow


Mixed Tenure Residential Development


Mackenzie Homes


Under Construction

Initially approved for a dual-purpose hotel, part-budget / part-luxury, only the Travelodge section of the building enabled viability for construction. With less than 50% of the approval built and standing independent from its surroundings, the new 7-storey hotel was incongruous from its neighbours with is blank flank walls advertising its incompleteness.

After several failed attempts to diversify the remaining site, KKM were appointed to test the waters with a residential approach. Complexities with the change of use and accommodating hotel uses still required on the site, including shared access, parking, and turning for coaches within the plot, presented considerable, but not insurmountable constraints.

Using the scale and mass of the adjacent Travelodge to determine the initial form, whilst also pushing the envelope and increasing the new building height at the centre of the site, the residential redevelopment of the remaining site comprises 76x flats, with 30no. scheduled as mixed affordable. Through a complimentary, yet contemporary, aesthetic and balanced approach to massing, planning permission was achieved within limited timeframe and on budget.