St. Ives Court 

Contextual Contemporary Dwellings 


47 Mapesbury Road, London NW2 


New-build Residential Apartments 


Origin Housing 



Contextually sensitive, blending contemporary features and form with the presiding local vernacular St Ives Court sits comfortably within the established street scene. Developed for Origin Housing, the development mixes tenure blind affordable and shared-ownership housing on a small scale. 

Comprising 7no. dwellings, the quality of the design, strength of the landscaping and effective configuration of the communal areas has fostered a small community that take genuine pride in their homes.

This sense of ownership, combined with the robust materials and a high-standard specification, make for ultra-low maintenance and easy management. Through the creation of homes that people genuinely aspire to live in and enjoy, St Ives Court provides a valuable contribution of the Associations portfolio and a precedent for future small scale RSL development.

Continuing the street pattern but increasing the scale, the new block takes on the form, proportions, and composition of the neighbouring Edwardian terraced housing, but re-imagines these through a contemporary approach.

The outcome is a building that cohesively aligns with its neighbours and surroundings despite the increased scale and greater intensity of land use.