Mikado Close

A Singularly Dynamic New Terrace 


Gilbert Road, London UB9


New-build Residential Houses


Hillingdon Council



Following approval of a non-viable, un-buildable, terrace of new houses on the site by a previous consultant, we were appointed to effectuate a workable solution. Through fully re-imagining the roofscape and internal unit layouts a viable method of construction was achieved without compromising the dynamics of the design or impacting upon the existing permission.

Simplifying the complexities of the saw-toothed roofscape, with the integration of secret valley gutters was only possible through ingenious/robust detailing, whilst the asymmetric butterfly parapet walls pushed fixings to new limits. The outcome justified the application and the effect of the gable ends against the skyline is singularly dynamic, engendering the terrace with a strong character.

Sustainability and longevity were key parameters, with MMC introduced into the construction through the use Thin-Joint masonry bonding. This technique ensured a high level of airtightness that pushed the performance of the building envelope well beyond the required Code levels at the time. These aspects of the scheme have proven to be very effective during the past years, with residents sheltered from the storm of fuel poverty.