Netherwood Place

Mews Infill Regeneration 


Netherwood Place, Hammersmith & Fulham


New-build Residential Development




Approved / Awaiting Construction

Fully built over, hemmed in on all three sides by the rear gardens of the surrounding houses, and only accessible via a slim road, Netherwood Place is the quintessential London backland redevelopment project. Through an extremely efficient use of space nine 2-3bed apartments, duplexes and houses are accommodated within a very limited footprint. 

Appointed to establish a brief that would be acceptable to the numerous overlooking neighbours and the Local authority, our proposal for a new residential mews utilises the volume of the existing building to determine the extent of construction. This effectively restrains the height of new construction to below the existing roof line, configures the proposed housing around the site peripheries to be inward looking and employs additional excavation to maximise potential.

The configuration of the plan is supported by an innovative layering of the facades which work together to mitigate overlooking, whilst protecting residents’ privacy. Internal layouts maximse the use of space with all units of a bespoke size, shape and arranged over multiple levels with a variety of access arrangements. All are connected into the central communal mews area and have private terraces, balconies or gardens.