New England PH

 Sensitive Residential Infill Develoment


New England PH, Brook Lane North, Hounslow


New-build Residential Development


Shepherds Bush Housing Group



Appointed by Bugler Developments for RIBA Stages 3 onwards, the design for New England was comprehensively revisited following the approval of a non-viable permission. After conducting a complete assessment of the redesign possibilities and undertaking an audit of the Employer’s Requirements for compliance we fully revised the internal layouts, significantly reducing the building footprint and internal circulation whilst retaining the same number of units.

Alterations to materials, apertures and details were integrated across the facades to improve construction without compromising the quality or aesthetics. The redesign and submission of a Non-material Amendment were completed within the six-week lead-in period, with the Contractor taking a risk on the success of the of NMA, based on their confidence in our ability to achieve permission. Subsequently the construction drawings and revised planning drawings were developed con-currently.

Completed and delivered within the contract timeframe, New England (now 42 Brook Lane North) provides a valuable contribution to the RSL’s housing stock, with its low maintenance/low service costs, it is both a easy to manage and economical to run.