Pelican Quay

New Urban Quarter for Bromley-by-Bow


Imperial Street, London E3


New Residential Quarter on the River Lea composed of 544 residential units and over 2000m2 commercial/retail space


Aitch Group

 Revitalising a substantial area of brownfield land in East London, Pelican Quay was at the forefront of high-profile redevelopment planned for the west bank of the River Lea. 

Comprising of 544 new apartments and extending up to 19 storeys, the buildings combine dynamic aesthetics with a bold use of colour and materials. This landmark development was devised to set a precedent aimed at reinvigorating the local master plan through a new definition of scale and connectivity.

The site layout was conceived to open out and enliven the River Lea towpath, integrating extensive public spaces aimed at reconnecting new and existing residential quarters to the water.

Lined with shops & cafes, elegantly landscaped with elements of hard and soft surfacing, informal seating and public art, the central walkway and river frontage were devised to engender a new community. Part of this ambition was for the Pelican Quay template to be appropriated up and down the river, filling in the blanks to create an interlinked and dynamic riverside walkway. 

With multiple buildings looking out onto significantly divergent urban conditions, the scale, form, massing, and aesthetics of each block were modeled to address the specific boundary conditions, whilst retaining a holistic design aesthetic and character. 

Ahead of its time, development at Pelican Quay was postponed and the site now forms part of the masterplan for Bromley-by-Bow. The first phase of the masterplan, Leaside Lock, is currently under construction with heights and massing consistent with urban design strategy for Pelican Quay.