Plume of Feathers

New development enabling conservation


282 Plumstead High Street, London SE18


Refurbishment & part conversion of a Grade II Listed Pub and two new-build residential buildings 


Dhadda Estates


Planning Approved / Under Construction

 Boarded-up and dilapidated, but set within a large plot, redevelopment at the Plume of Feathers combined the refurbishment and part conversion of the Grade II Listed pub with elements of new-build. Having suffered years of neglect, returning the pub to its original use was only made viable through its part conversion and the redevelopment of some of the extensive garden spaces for residential use. 

Located within a conservation area with challenging topography, a World War 2 air-raid shelter and influenced by numerous residential community groups the planning approach required careful, meticulous design and extensive consultation. 

Pulling in three directions the design approach was multifarious with works to the pub contrasting with two widely divergent new-build structures. The existing building required sensitive preservation with minimal changes to the aesthetics and enabling works to allow the upstairs conversion for residential use. 

The first new-build element is an infil block fronting the conservation area and necessarily reflecting the local scale, vernacular and materials of the neighbouring buildings. In contrast the second new building is of contemporary design and employs modern construction aesthetics. Nestled into the sloping topography to the rear of the Plume of Feathers and masked from Plumpstead High Street, the location of the second building enabled a freedom of design expression that was advocated by the Planners. 

Consisting of nine new apartments the residential element is served by a central hub integrated at the nucleus of three buildings. Entrances to all dwellings open from this hub, engendering a muse-style configuration focused on interaction and connection of a new small community.