10 Scriven Street

Contextually Sensitive New-build


Scriven Street Haggerston, London E8


New-build Residential Development 


Aitch Group



Coinciding with the extensive and wholesale reinvigoration of Dalston, 10 Scriven Street contributes effectively to the area masterplan. Developed on a restricted plot the design is compact and concise in its use of space. In direct reference to prevailing vernacular the massing, form and height are a microcosm of the neighbours, giving rise to a five-storey building comprising ten new residential units on a plot measuring less than 18 x 15m. 

The innovative use of the residual basement space and the extension in the plan beyond the main building lines at the upper floors maximises the internal space, enabling the integration of family apartments and duplexes in addition to smaller 1 and 2bed flats. 

Through the optimal use of the site, the building is at once both functional and artful, maximizing comfort and efficiency for occupants, whilst delivering a high quality asset to the Cleint’s portfolio.

Predominantly brick but integrating elements of render and timber cladding to lighten the upper floors, the building is topped off with a curved zinc panel roof. By blending historical influences from the local area with a contemporary form, these features enable the building to integrate cohesively with its surroundings.