Finsbury Grange

A series of historically grounded residential buildings


Finsbury Grange, 398-402 Seven Sisters Road, London N4


New-build residential buildings for affordable/low-cost housing  


Paradigm Housing Group



Forming part of an ambitious planning strategy for the southern side of Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Grange contributes a contemporary, yet historically grounded, series of new buildings to the developing street scene. As part of our ongoing work with Paradigm Housing, Finsbury Grange represented a significant extension to their portfolio, providing 141 new residential dwellings with over 50% marked for affordable rent.     

Reflecting the rhythm of the Georgian housing the main elevation is broken into a series of smaller buildings, integrating the historical context through a contemporary design, which not only preserves the cultural heritage of Seven Sisters Road but enriches the character of the urban fabric. Through the adoption of compatible scales, forms and materials these conjoined by visually independent structures enable ease of management through self-sufficient cores, which are aesthetically tenure blind.