Unlocking Brownfield Potential 


Shalimar Hotel, 215-221 Staines Road, London TW3


New-build affordable/low-cost housing 


Mackenzie Homes for Clarion Housing Association


Under Construction

 The redevelopment of the former Shalimar Hotel was one of several undertaken by us in and around Hounslow Town Centre facilitated for a Housing Association by a private developer. 

As part of the strategic regeneration strategy this site and the one at Lampton Road contributed over 120 affordable or low-cost residential dwellings, unlocking two challenging brownfield sites that had failed to gain traction with planners during previous applications. 

At Shalimar two new buildings, at 4 and 5 stories respectively, are arranged around a central courtyard, incorporating 47 new homes, adding activity, vibrancy, and economic vitality to Staines Road. 

Addressing the principal north/south orientations flanking units were arranged to be dual aspect, whilst careful stepping of the plan along the northern elevations engenders additional orientations providing east/west aspects to all main living spaces. 

The careful organisation of dwellings responds to a myriad of constraints and the layouts strike a balance between form and function, aesthetics and practicality. 

The integration of winter balconies at all levels, including the ground floor, engendered residents’ privacy, mitigated impacts of noise and air pollution, whilst extending external amenity for enhanced wellbeing.