250 Waterloo Road

Refurbishment, Extension, Refurbishment 


246-250 Waterloo Road, London SE1 


Office Refurbishment, Extension & Part Residential Conversion


Leathermarket LLC 



Extending the existing building outwards and upwards the refurbishment of 250 Waterloo Road retained 25,000sq ft of office floor space and added 8 bespoke high-end apartments.

Stripping away the existing facades the challenge was to integrate the Client’s vision of heavy steel girders and glass, reminiscent of the buildings that characterise New York’s commercial districts, onto the reinforced concrete skeleton of the existing structure.

Reappropriating the haphazard grid formed by this skeleton, the design employs a lightweight curtain wall system which integrates profiled aluminum sections shaped to resemble girders. These elements are combined to form a new external grid framing orthogonal glazed openings which diminish in size as they progress towards the upper floors.

Meticulously designed and planned with the curtainwall fabricator the external envelope of the building engenders a state-of-the-art building, whist enabling the sustainable advantages of retaining the existing frame through a substantial reduction in carbon creation. 

Internally the lower four stories of office space are ultra-modern and open plan with all services fully exposed and set in contrast to the existing reinforced concrete structure. This juxtaposition of the new against the old is complimented by the custom designed staircases, reception desk, bathrooms, lift lobbies, entrance doors, signage etc that were all designed in-house.   Overlooking the London Eye, the Shard and the city the upper floor apartments have the same meticulous design and attention to detail, with our design for doors, wall coverings, floor patterns etc. These units highly sought after and were fully tenanted before full completion of the building.